Familienstämme / Families / Pedigrees

1. Saklawi: (Sagira, Bint Khaled,  Khaled el Assuad)

Present of the royal stud of Saudi Arabia (King of Ibn Saud) to the king Farouk from Egypt - Inshass stud



2. Kuhaylan Ajuz (Nijm GzH)

1869 Ibn Roudan Rualla Beduinen  


3. Dahman Shawan Najiib (Moheba el Dahma, Manial GzH)

The Dahman Shawan family is a line under the Saqlawi family but also seen as main family. It was the most loved family of Abbas Pasha, the founder of the listed horeses in Egypt!

1830 Quatan Beduinen


4. Kuhaylan Jellabiet (Khaled GzH)

1842 Aiman Bedus