Welcome to Rotherhill Arabians,
we are dedicated to preserve Authentic Asil Arabians. With our intention to keep up the Asil Egyptian horse we differ from other studs as we are specialised on the colour black and only choose horses for breeding, of which we are sure of the ancestry and equally important, the friendly character.

Apart from the pure breeding, the colour and the character we individually encourage the talents of our breeding stock and foals. Furthermore our team is responsive to the particular characteristics of our horses, so we are sure they are being educated in the
best possible way.

Rotherhill Arabians started off with nine breeding mares and two stallions and we are proud to say our slow, gradual growth is only due to the general aim of ours to act in the horse- friendliest way. Moreover, we are aware that horses are powerful creatures which need their freedom and sufficient space so we intend to remain a small personal business. In addition to that we have fully embraced the philosophy of the Bedouins, so we do not allow any strange blood in our breeding which has not been proven to meet our high standards for the pedigree.

Characteristics which were essential to the Bedouins, such as stamina, a gentle character, courage, attachment to its master, eagerness and commitment remain equally important to us today. Besides that, we are attached to the principles of the Bedouins about natural beauty, refinement and fine modelling.

Rotherhill Arabians has taken the challenge to preserve these fundamentals and traditions and we feel honoured to offer you horses that will not only be an animal to you, but a friend.


We will warmly welcome you at Rotherhill Stud by appointment